A Brighter Beginning

We’re all in the same room,
but our minds are off in the distance.
Our lives are different in experience,
but somewhat alike in perspective.
Some friends listen to rap;
I listen to everything but rap.
Some friends gush over One Direction,
while I gush over Jennifer Lawrence.
One’s iPod is full of Broadway,
while mine is mainly full of Demi Lovato.
These people can all connect their music with mine,
connect it in a way that leads back to the way they grew up.
But I’m not here to talk about tastes of music.
My purpose is to tell how amazing these people are.
Let us go back to a time–
a time of which we didn’t know about each other…
No talking, no texting, no greeting each other in the hallways.
Who were we?
Did we change since the first day of high school, or since we met?
How did our lives affect each other, if they did at all?
I know for a fact that all of you affected my life greatly.
Before I started out at Lane Tech,
I can say I NEVER felt the seemingly endless happiness I feel now.
My happiness before was temporary to the extreme:
my smiles were a simple prevention of questions,
my extra clothing was my way of covering up the scars,
and my lack of talking was a result of not feeling like a part of the group.
But, though I may have shown that same profile the first day of high school,
if I would have known the happiness I feel more than one year later,
I would have smiled out of happiness, not as a mask to hide it all.
When I met you all,
whether it be because you’d seen my video,
had a class with me,
hung out during our first concert,
became a member of my club,
or any other way,
I did, in no way, expect to get as close as we are now.
I expected far less than what’s in front of us now.
But this… this is amazing.
The girl I was when high school started is a complete stranger when compared with who I am now… why?
Because of you guys.
You all took me as the seemingly happy person I was,
learned of what’s said and done about me,
and helped me accept who I am simply by accepting my being.
Some of you have held me as I cried;
some have made me cry out of happiness on the phone…
Many, if not all, have made me feel better when I was depressed.
These moments are ones I’m truly grateful for…
Each time we’ve ever spent being or talking with together,
whether it was being loud at the movie theater,
going on the ferris wheel and singing “Defying Gravity”,
being loud and obnoxious during lunch,
having our clubs’ first meeting,
or simply hanging out after school, being our crazy selves…
It was all well worth the walking, embarrassment, and laughs.
What I’ve been trying to say is that,
Without you guys,
I don’t think I would have made it this far.
Some say they can’t live without me,
but I think the real truth is that my life wouldn’t have came this far if it hadn’t been for them.
Thank you all for inspiring me to stay strong,
stand up for what I believe in,
move on from the heart break and be happy again,
and most of all, smile.
I have the self-confidence, hope, and happiness I never thought I’d ever had,
and I hope,
if you haven’t achieved those three things yet,
that you will someday,
because I’ll be with you,
every step of the way,
until you achieve those things.

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